Welcome to Learning in the Living Room

“Welcome to Learning in the Living Room” (A Picture Story, of sorts) This is our living room – the room that is just that – “LIVING,” as this is the room where we lived, and boy did we

A Letter to My Son, Part I

The End of the Story (well kind of) I think letter writing is a lost art, yet I love to write them for special occasions.  I wrote my oldest son a letter when he graduated from high school,

Activities to do at Home

Simple (and fun) educational activities to do at home with your pre-elementary and elementary school child: While many schools, teachers, and educational companies around the country scramble to

Dear Friends:

“When it comes to sharing something as personal as your writing – proceed with caution.”  Rosemary said this to Elizabeth in the series, When Calls the Heart. Yes, I watch that show, and