Graham Crackers and Milk

I could almost smell the old wax crayons in my desk. I could almost taste the crispygraham crackers and feel the lukewarm milk spill upon my little hands. I could stillhear Mrs. Bender reciting,

The Gift

(Ignore the Eye Rolls Please) The holiday season is over; the gifts have all been played, worn, put away, or returned. Still, there is one more gift that parents can give their children in this
Kids Studying

New Beginnings: New School Years

(Simple Tips for Parents of Young Children) There is nothing quite like a new school year. The smell of a new lunch box… The feel of a new outfit… The look of those shiny new pencils… The sound

Welcome to Learning in the Living Room

“Welcome to Learning in the Living Room” (A Picture Story, of sorts) This is our living room – the room that is just that – “LIVING,” as this is the room where we lived, and boy did we