The Summer Slide

How can I keep my child engaged and learning?

The current research about the “summer slide” has been mixed, as of late. The experts agree that there are no panaceas, yet multiple factors are critical for predicting which students will experience a decrease in skills, which will maintain, and which students might even increase their skill base!  Such factors include the student’s age, the student’s degree of motivation and focus, the quality of instruction, and/or the consistency and quantity of instruction. (I find this fascinating, and I promise to delve into this more deeply in a later blog post.)

Despite the lack of consistency in the research however, it seems that parents have grown extremely concerned about the learning loss that occurs in the summer. Neves (2023) of “A Learning” found that typically a student could lag 2 months behind in reading due to the summer slide. And hence, although the concern is warranted, according to Cornell University (2024), if children are “engaged in learning throughout the summer, students may not only maintain, but improve their knowledge” (2024). Imagine providing activities that not only maintain skills, but improve them?!?!

Therefore, as an educational service provider, I have tried to gather several meaningful learning experiences and/or activities that children might just find enjoyable. While many of these ideas are recycled, you should find them fairly simple and inexpensive to implement. So, throughout the month of July, I will send several Simply Sensational Summer Educational Activities for Young Children,” in three different blog posts.

Feel free to pick and choose what is best for you and your child. And don’t forget – ENJOY the process! It IS summer!

Happy Summer! Happy Learning!