Learning in the Living Room

The Living Room is a place where home meets school in a way that is not ordinary, but extraordinary.

A place where learning occurs in a dynamic way that is ‘old fashioned’ in its feel, yet extremely innovative in its results.

A place where teaching and learning is a way of life, not something that is done in a vacuum or in discrete or disconnected units.

A place where we truly know the student and we honor what Elizabeth Foss refers to as the knowing, and therefore we educate from the knowing.

A place where instruction and materials are tailored to fit the needs, the strengths, the passions, the interests, and the learning styles of the child.

A place where the parent is part of the solution and can come for advice, training, or encouragement concerning how to help build the best learning life for the child.

A place where the student is front and center, NOT a standardized test, a teacher’s expectation, a curriculum, a program, or a textbook, and therefore the student has ownership in the construction of his learning life.

The Living Room