When I am grateful, I am hopeful: Part 1 (on a lighter note)

My “I Can” Gratitude List

One of my young students and I are making a book entitled, “I CAN.”  In this book, she is sharing all of the things she can do.  This recent pandemic and period of quarantining got me thinking about all of the things that I can accomplish now that I am homebound.  I must admit I work from home, so these are things I already should be doing, but rarely have the time to pursue. My dear friend and I were just discussing this very thing the other day. Sometimes however, instead of doing all of those things that we now have time to do, we become overwhelmed by the gravity of what is going on around us, and the anxiety paralyzes our actions.

So this somewhat frivolous “I Can List” becomes much more than a list of things to do – it becomes a list of things I can be grateful that I have the ability and time to do right now, if I so choose.

  • I can start my spring cleaning early.  I might even clean behind my refrigerator (or not).
  • I can finally learn how to cook well.  (“Well” being the operative word here!) 
  • I can make homemade chicken soup for my mom.  (She seems to like my soup and thinks I cook ‘just fine.’) 
  • I can spend more time reading my Bible, or catching up on that Bible Study I started last fall. (Yes, last fall!)
  • I can spend time with my family.  (I should say ‘even more’ time.)
  • I can binge watch the Gilmore Girls (again).
  • I can finally start my blog.  (Mission accomplished thanks to my website designer, Beth!)
  • I can get ahead on lesson plans, and be as creative and detailed as I wish.  (Alright, I know, I am pretty detailed already.) 
  • I can learn how to teach virtually. (OK, I can ‘try.’)
  • I can start an exercise routine or take a walk outside each day. (For those who know me well, you can stop laughing now.)
  • I can call old friends, and new friends, and actually chat for a while, without having to run somewhere. (Alright, I know, I do this already.)
  • I can be present.

These are all good things, and I am reminded of one of my favorite scriptures – Romans 8:28, which in part reads, “GOD works all things together for good for those who love him…” My unsophisticated “Can DO Gratitude List” may seem trivial, yet it serves a purpose, as it reassures me that GOD is most certainly working things out for my good, and I am grateful. 

And when I am grateful, I am hopeful. 

Coming soon: “When I am grateful, I am hopeful: Part 2 ~ Much Left