Terri is extremely caring and dedicated to her students and their families. She offers individual instruction helping students achieve success while developing confidence. She is genuinely committed to finding each student’s strengths and building on it. She truly has a passion for what she does and the students she works with.  She is what every educator should be.

Meghan, Norma, and Tom (Student and Parents)


My family has been immensely blessed by Terri in just a short time of knowing her. She is separated from the rest in the way she dedicates and pours herself into her work to best help your family. She is timely, detailed, reliable, and thorough. And especially kind and supportive to you personally as the parent. An absolutely emphatic yes to recommending Terri to other families looking for a specialized education plan. We have enjoyed and benefitted so much from Terri and will be forever grateful for her investment into us.

Sarah, Parent

I am so, so happy! After testing and coming up with a reading plan, my son is reading and writing words waaaay better in only a few months. The strategies to resolve his weaknesses were detailed and engaging. I’m super excited at the progress made in such a short amount of time! He’s happy, also!

Diana, Parent


“Terri immediately became a mentoring resource.  Her deep understanding of children and their learning made her an exceptional teacher and a natural draw for a novice.  It was not a surprise to any of us when she was awarded Teacher of the Year honor….

Terri is truly a dynamic educator with an array of knowledge and talents that are truly unique and polished.  It is my opinion that there is almost no job in education that Terri would not be a wonderful fit for.  I implore you to invest the time in meeting Mrs. Lynch.  I believe it will pay dividends.”

Amy, Colleague


 “Theresa is a passionate educator who has the ability to translate a standards-based curriculum into practical instructional strategies that advance the achievement of all learners. She has designed curriculum for all content areas and made it relevant for students.  The use of data is at the forefront of Theresa’s instructional decision-making process as she utilizes assessments to inform instruction.  Theresa is collaborative and when working with colleagues she ensures that all teachers are honing their skills while delivering the best instructional practices.  Her high expectations for all, coupled with a culture of mutual respect has led to successful coaching opportunities.

Theresa has applied her abilities to personally influence students to exceed expectations.  I have seen first-hand how she has worked with students to tap into their interests, focus on their strengths and encourage them to accept academic challenges and experience success.  The students thrived and have graduated with the skills necessary to be college and career ready.”

Barbara, Colleague


 “In just a few short weeks I have had with Terri I have seen how important she is in the lives of these children.  She shares with them something that no other teacher can or will.  The power it takes for them to believe in themselves.  Terri generously builds up their encouragement and confidence to help them become effective readers.

‘She is an island of strength in a sea of instability.’

She taught me to believe in something even when everyone seems to think it is hopeless.  (The strength and perseverance it takes to get the job done the right way.)

The thoughtfulness, caring, sharing concern which she possesses in the most loving manner will always surface no matter where you are.

I am so happy and relieved to know my son will always have her to believe in him.”

Debbi R., Parent


“During the course of the year, I served as room mother for the classroom and spent a great deal of time in the classroom.  The classroom was bright, cheerful and welcoming to all who came in.  From a parent’s perspective, Mrs. Lynch, was well organized, communicated well regarding the strengths and needs of each child and differentiated the instruction to meet those individual needs.  The students adored her…

Terri’s love of teaching inspired me to return to school when my children were grown to pursue a degree in education.  Although she wasn’t officially my mentor teacher, I have learned much of what I put into practice in my own classroom from her.  She is a great role model and inspiration to everyone she meets.”

Debby, Parent & Colleague


“Theresa believes in teaching the whole child, has a keen sense of assessing a child’s strengths and weaknesses, and the ability to individualize instruction to meet the needs of each child. She has a gift with special needs children. These attributes make her an exemplary teacher. However, the quality that most defines Theresa is her passion for teaching and learning. She is driven to keep learning and continues to seek out best practices for reaching all children, while maintaining her role as a leader in the instructional community.”

Joanne, Colleague

“I am very lucky to have been a part of Terri’s class, there was not one minute I didn’t enjoy her teaching. It is not difficult to recognize her talent in things like organization, curriculum design, and communication.

Not only is she a natural teacher but also a great friend, she is very welcoming and creates an environment where open communication is encouraged.

She has greatly inspired me.”

Josh, Student

Thank you so much for all you have done for my daughter academically and otherwise.  You have given her the gift of reading. That is so big that there is really no way to sufficiently express our gratitude. In addition to that you have loved her and allowed her to feel a part of your family and you have encouraged her in the Lord. What a tremendous gift! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Stacy, Parent


Terri, from Learning in the Living Room, has been a fantastic person that has come into my son’s life, as well as the whole family. He has been struggling since preschool with issues that the school immediately thought were more behavioral. Come to find out, Miss Terri found a learning disability. When he started with Terri, he was a non-reader, and now he is a fabulous reader, engaged, and so much better in school. He loves books and loves to learn… without her my son would not have achieved this. She’s fantastic.  We love her to pieces and I feel that God has brought her into my son’s life, as well as our whole family’s life… I am truly grateful… As my son says, “Oh, Miss Terri, I love her. She’s great. She has so many books…”

Lori, Parent


It is with great pleasure I write this letter in support of Mrs. Theresa Lynch. I have had the opportunity to have her as my teacher when I was in 3rd grade several years ago. She certainly left an impression on me back then. It was such a pleasure to reconnect with her back in 2019 to discuss her new business and to find out she could help my son. I feel beyond fortunate that my son had this opportunity to work with her for 1.5 years and I am internally grateful to her.

Mrs. Lynch after working with my son helped me with the school get to his diagnosis changed to the proper one which is Dyslexia. Since that change it has helped me as a mom receive more help with my son. I was extremely fortunate to have her teach my son this past school year weekly for many long hours. Not only did she do the impossible so did my son. The school told me it could not be done, but yet it was by her hard perseverance and my sons that she was able to achieve a 2-year reading gap with him. This was a huge milestone for all of us. He has many more challenges to go with reading. But she gave him the proper and correct foundation that he needed in which to do it. It helped him build up his confidence that I as a mother wished one day would happen and he also became more engaged with reading. Another bonus is I can no longer spell things out to anyone as he now knows what I am saying.

Mrs. Lynch has the patience of a saint to say the least. She realized early on that the OG program was not a proper fit for my son and she designed one to fit his needs directly. It was much better than the can souped program the school was providing that caused tears daily in my house.

I could go on and on about how Mrs. Lynch is stellar at what she does. She eats, sleeps and breathes teaching and would be a great asset to help any child that cannot read or is having significant difficulty. It took me seven years for the school to see this, I wish I reconnected with her sooner. I believe everything happens for a reason in life and make sure to have her come into yours. You will not be disappointed at all.

A Grateful Parent


“I first met Terri when she was appointed as the reading consultant at our school, where she worked tirelessly to provide services to students, and act as a resource for teachers in a school with about 500 students.  Her calm demeanor and wealth of expertise endeared her to the students and staff immediately.

It was a great loss for our town when she left to raise her two sons, the youngest facing considerable medical and education challenges.  With those challenges in mind, she decided to homeschool her boys.  Terri then did what she always does when faced with a new challenge.  She did exhaustive research, organized her findings, and created a comprehensive curriculum and engaging lessons.  She became a resource for other homeschoolers and became a leader in the homeschool community in Connecticut.”

Kathy, Colleague


“Theresa is a caring, compassionate leader and educator who loves to help others.  She has an impressive list of accomplishments.  But she’s not one to rest on her laurels.  She keeps current on the latest research and methods and, along with a wealth of wisdom gleaned over the years, is always ready to serve and share.”

Kristen, Homeschool Parent, Support Group Leader, Blogger at HomeschoolHarvest.com


“Terri Lynch is an intelligent, articulate, caring individual who has contributed a great deal to our local community, the homeschooling community as well as the greater Connecticut public education community.  Her extensive, self-directed educationally innovative experiences along with her outstanding integrity of character make her an exceptional candidate for any teaching position.  In addition, her work ethic, dedicated nature and her authentic ability to make all people feel welcome are sure to be an asset to any professional setting.”

Lisa, Colleague


“Over the years I have been amazed with Theresa’s organizational skills and her passion for designing and implementing curriculum.  I rely on her often for advice on how to compile end of year records, transcripts, as well as rubrics for projects and reports. Theresa has a caring and friendly personality when relating to children of all ages in addition to adults. I’ve observed her with my own four children over the years. Regardless of their age, Theresa always makes a point of making them feel welcome and important. I’ve never seen her hesitate to take on a challenging situation. Rather, she faces challenges and adversity with courage and gentle strength.”

Lissa, Parent & Home Educator


“Her unlimited supply of patience has inspired me to be more comfortable with allowing my children to learn at their own pace.  I have asked for Terri’s help with planning a high school course load for my daughter and she has also given me valuable advice on my youngest one’s reading obstacles.  One of my daughters had the wonderful experience of being in a geography and writing class taught by Terri.  She loved every minute of each class.  Terri has a special gift of being able to communicate easily with passion and genuine concern for the other person.”

Robin, Parent & Home Educator