• Comprehensive Literacy Evaluations

    – These vary in scope and purpose, and are as detailed and extensive as deemed necessary – depending on the specific requirements of the parent or teacher.


  • Curriculum Planning for Specific Subjects

    – A scope and sequence chart with learning objectives will be provided based on state and local guidelines (the common core curriculum) as well as best practice. A list of instructional procedures and materials will be provided for a week of lessons, as well as ideas for a variety of hands-on enrichment activities.

curriculum planning


  • Relevant and Specific Recommendations

    – Based on a comprehensive assessment, an extensive analysis is made, and recommendations written tailored to meet the needs, strengths, passions, interests, and learning styles or preferences of the individual student.


  • School Consultation

    – This service is available upon request and for local school systems only. It is often done in conjunction with school wide staff development training, yet may be done independently.


Learning life and literacy


  • Student Observations

    – Upon observing a student within his/her classroom setting, a written report is provided depicting the student’s strengths and challenges. Educational recommendations are offered.


  • Workshops for Parents

    – A variety of workshops are offered throughout the year for interested parent groups through local Parent Teacher Organizations, public libraries, and/or educational associations. A list of workshops offered can be found here.  Due to Theresa’s schedule, these services must be reserved at least 4 months in advance.