Seeking Private Educational Services  Tutoring/Testing/Training/Consulting

  • Comprehensive Literacy Evaluations

    – These vary in scope and purpose, and are as detailed and extensive as deemed necessary – depending on the specific requirements of the parent or teacher.

  • Enrichment Courses for Children ages Pre-K–8

    – A variety of enrichment courses are offered. These are held throughout the school year and in the summer in the Living Room.  Beginning 2020-21, a variety of after-School classes will be offered!   Check out the sample of courses here.

Enrichment Programs


  • Individual Tutoring and/or Small Group Tutoring

    – Individualized instruction will be provided based on on-going assessment in specific subjects on an hourly basis; sessions are tailored to the student’s strengths, passions, needs, learning styles, and preferences

individualized instruction


  • Parent Consultation

    – This time is used to discuss specific instructional questions or concerns, and thus discover the best solutions for the student. Recommendations will be provided with regard to instructional techniques and alternative approaches to learning.


  • Relevant and Specific Recommendations

    – Based on a comprehensive assessment, an extensive analysis is made, and recommendations written tailored to meet the needs, strengths, passions, interests, and learning styles or preferences of the individual student.



  • Student Observations

    – Upon observing a student within his/her classroom setting, a written report is provided depicting the student’s strengths and challenges. Educational recommendations are offered.

Learning by Doing


  • Workshops for Parents

    – A variety of workshops are offered throughout the year for interested parent groups through local Parent Teacher Organizations, public libraries, and/or educational associations. A list of workshops offered can be found here.  Due to Theresa’s schedule, these services must be reserved at least 4 months in advance.