Enrichment Courses for Children ages Pre-K–8

Our Process


  • Amazing Anatomy: An Integrated Approach (Primary Grades)
    Amazing Anatomy
  • Amazing Animals: An Integrated Approach (Primary Grades)
    Amazing Animals
  • Astronomical Astronomy (Primary Grades)
    Astronomy enrichment
  • Book Clubs: Several Packages Available (Elementary & Middle Grades)
    Book Clubs
  • Clever Comprehension Strategies (Elementary & Middle Grades)
    Comprehension & Problem Solving
  • Genuine Geography Guru’s (Primary & Elementary)
    Geography Guru
  • Launching Into Literature: Several Packages Available (Emergent, Primary, & Elementary Readers)
  • Mad Mathematicians: Using Manipulatives & Games to Ensure Mastery of Basic Concepts (Primary)
  • Preparation for the Pre-Literacy Student (Emergent)
    Pre Literacy
  • Slimy Science: Easy, but Exciting Experiments (Primary)
  • Smile when You Say ‘Skills’ (Emergent & Primary)
    Smile When You say Skills
  • Spectacular Sea Shells & Sensational Sea Life (Primary Grades)
    Sea Shells and Sea Life
  • Study Skills & Content Area Literacy: A Middle Schooler’s Guide
    Sensational Studies
  • Wonderful Wacky Weather (Primary Grades)
    Wacky Weather
  • World Geography: When? What? Where? Why? (Elementary)
    World Geography
  • Writing for Enjoyment and with Purpose (All Grades)
    Writing for Enjoyment
  • You are a Writer! Using the Writer’s Notebook (All Grades)
    You are a writer