The Story Behind the Idea

Lives Transformed, Hope Found Here

Theresa was devastated when the experts informed her that her son would NEVER learn how to read.  Yet her devastation turned to prayer and then determination to change that trajectory for her son.  Therefore in the comfort of her “Living Room,” she wove love, literacy, life, and laughter into the fabric of each day with both of her sons, and numerous other students.  It was here that philosophies were challenged, odds defied, expectations surpassed, and lives transformed.

Consequently, “Learning in the Living Room” was born out of a lifelong love of teaching and learning right in her own living room.  Its formation is the result of over 30 years of experience and a sincere commitment to creating the optimal learning environment for each child.

Children Reading

Today, Theresa invites you to her Living Room, where she embarks on expanding her impact, by making this beautiful space and philosophy available for ALL parents, teachers, and students.  Its purpose is to breathe life into a child, and give HOPE for the future, so each child can reach his/her full potential.